Friday, January 26, 2007

Assignment 1

Assignment 1

A hole in one.

Imagine you are an Imagineer who has been hired to create a new and amazing miniature golf course that will be the centerpiece of a new themed resort.

Your job, using the design process, is to create a single hole for this miniature golf course based on a specific theme. Being themed, this golf course can take on a variety of directions. The direction you chose to take can be fun and ridiculous, scary, or serious in tone. Remember to explore multiple ideas within your given theme.

Some things I will be looking for,
The design of the surrounding environment. Think of the path or paths the player needs to take in order to complete the hole. There can be more than one.
Articulated moving parts, this can be merely a visual aspect or a functional aspect of the players experience.
Keep in mind this will be viewed during night and day time, the design should hold up for both times.
Include 2D patterns and designs based on your theme.

“The real artist’s work is a surprise to himself.
The big painter is one who has something to say.
He thus does not paint men, landscape, or furniture,
but an idea.”

- Robert Heni

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