Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saro: Moment piece

Here is my moment piece, I'm posting it on the blog because the print that I gave doesn't look that good, it came out too dark... I'd like to continue with this piece where I will get rid of the line drawing eventually, so that it would stand on its own as a painting without the underline.

Jaime's Ghost Hunter Characters & Moment Piece

Here are my painted Ghost Hunter characters as well as my environment "moment" piece. For the moment piece I wanted to have the Professor hear and see something suspicous up above in their headquarters. I wanted to have him be ready with his ghost catching backpack if any ghostly activities were to happen.

moment piece:

Hey dela,

Thanks for all the input once again. It really helped, and i think i came up with a pretty good piece. If anyone has any suggestions to makke it better, please let me know!

see you guys in a few hours...

Friday, March 30, 2007

color comps, Moment Piece Edit, and speedpaints (ariel)

hey dela,

here are my color comps for my scene along with a new version of the moment piece. I felt there were scale issues with pretty much all the characters when I did it earlier in the week and I got critique that verified that. This one feels a little better to me, but something still feels off, I don't know. I'm sure we'll talk about it in class tommorow, see you there.

Tony's Speed Paints

Tough stuff.

Tomorrow's Class

We will be meeting tomorrow.

You need to turn in your moment piece, please also bring your characters and environments to turn into to me. At the end we will be discussing the next project.

ALSO BRING IN SUPPLIES. Please pass this information on to anyone in the class who might not reciecve it.

The supplies are Not for the Maquette's.


Hey Dela here is my revised inhouse drawing. I made the revisions that we discussed this last Saturday.

Here are the paintings that I was looking at for a sources of inspiration for my color. I wanted something that gave me a variety of color and values. I didn't see this piece as being really dark and gloomy rather as a place that has a lot of beauty. Death and spirits can be beautiful not necessarily dark and gloomy. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

Amie's Speed Paints

Hey Dela: Here are this weeks speed paints. They were a good challenge.

Janet's Speed Paints

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jens: Rev In House, Color Comps, Speed Paints

Hey Dela,
I revised the In House trying to correct the perspective issues we spoke of. Also I tried to use more overlap to not showcase each prop so definitively. Hopefully this lack of focus can also be better resolved in the lighting of the moment piece. I want to go with the bottom middle color scheme probably with a little more orange and reds, so that it feels victorian. Most of my other pieces are dark and edgy, so hopefully this piece can work with a warm richly colored palette, even though they are ghost catchers and scary would be the first clue. Thanks.

Saro: speed paints

Moment Piece (Ariel)

Hey Dela,

Here's my moment piece. I did a scene where the team is getting ready to go out on a mission and Noemi is giving them her last orders/comments as she loads her book bag. I wanted to keep her the closest to the foreground so she'd be bigger then everyone and seem in charge. I'll be looking through movies for color schemes now and I'll post color comps later. If you have any comments on the moment piece those would be great.

Kelly's Week 3 speedpaintings

Hey Dela! Here are my speedpaintings for this week. I definately found these tougher than the 1 hour ones. I really was trying to focus on getting the the shapes. Hopefully, with further practice with these 20 minute ones I will get improve. Thanks!

moment piece.

Hey Dela,

Here is my drawing of the moment piece. I really wanted to zoom in more on the characters. Any comments as to how to make the composition better or changes to expressions would be great. Should I also do a line drawing of my old environment instead of the maya snap shot?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

JP: Interior Comps


Here are some comps I did based on different lighting schemes and colors. I wanted to try out a few different ideas for lighting and I like a few of them, but I would love to have your feedback on which ones you think are most successful. Also, in regards to your comments on the foreground elements seeming too large for the ground plane, I was trying to make them seem like they were at the back of the wall on a high dresser or shelf, but if they seem strange then I will work on them to make them feel like an appropriate scale.


Jaime's Speed Paints 3

Here are all three 20 minute speed paints. I have to say that the 20 minute deadline really tested me. It forced me to block in everything quicker. I also have to say that by practicing with 30 minute speed paints on my own also helped in adjusting to the shorter time. I had a lot of fun with them but they were really challenging.

JP: In House Revision and Speed Paints 3


Here is the revised inhouse drawing with changes I made based on your suggestion of resolving the vertical tangent with the box in the lower left and framing the image on the lower right to keep the eye in the composition. I should have color comps up very soon as well, and I am going to shoot for another moment piece like you suggested. I also included the 20 minute speedpaints for the week.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saro:revised in-house and color keys

Here is my revised in-house drawing with a quick value study. I also have some color keys that I did for the interior. Which one do you think is working the best? I would appreciate it if you could comment on these pieces before I go with my final painting, thanks a lot Dela.

Tony's Speed Paints

Monday, March 26, 2007

20 Minute Speed Paints

Time to put the 'speed' in speed paints. You all have been doing great with the speed paints this week give yourself twenty minutes per piece. Here are this weeks speed paints.

Next Class

Hope everyone is enjoying spring break. For those of you who were not at last class, this week the moment piece is due. This takes all the work you've been doing thus far on characters and environment and combines them.

This week we I will also have you turn in your characters and environment pieces, as well as speed paints. We will also be starting the next project.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jaime's Ghost Hunter Headquarters Designs

Here are my initial ghost hunter headquarters designs along with the latest designs I have been working on. Basically I went with my idea of having the headquarters under the Eiffel Tower. The ghost containment unit would connect and be powered by the Eiffel tower along with some machines. I kept the drawings loose, played with shapes, and built off simple shapes. I am currently working on making revisions from todays feedback. Any further suggestions would be great. Thanks

Janet: Theatre HQ

Hi Dela,

Here's my Theatre Headquarters. I'd like to do another pass on this one over the break and also work on lighting. One of the obstacles I had was balancing detail with clarity while fitting in props and later adding detail to the theatre since Victorian designs are very intricate. Thanks for your feedback.


JP: Speed Paints 2