Monday, March 12, 2007

First ideas (Ariel)

Hey Dela,

These are the first set of ideas that I've come up with after doing research and taking down notes. I tried to incorporate multiple floors since you said to think vertical, as well as different settings. There's some prop design too because I feel the Machine that's going to hold the ghosts is going to be important and I might have to think about designing the environment around the machine. Tell me if you have any comments and if I'm approaching this correctly, I'm not sure if I should also thumbnail the outside of the HQ to help out invision the interior. Thanks!

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Dela Longfish said...


This is a great start, keep exploring like you are here.

I like how you are including different levels in your piece. I also dig the locomotive based boiler. I like the set dressing your are coming up with based on your characters, Noemis's artifacts.

Go ahead and do some exterior exploration, I think it will help you realize this envionment. The one thing I want you to be careful of is not not locking yourself into one location this early. And even though you do exterior designs, the interior is what is due.

Looking good man, can't wait to see what else you come up with.