Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saro:revised in-house and color keys

Here is my revised in-house drawing with a quick value study. I also have some color keys that I did for the interior. Which one do you think is working the best? I would appreciate it if you could comment on these pieces before I go with my final painting, thanks a lot Dela.


KellyLevers said...

Hey Saro! Its looking good. I like what you did to improve it. One thing I think you should try to push,though, is that there isn't really any true blacks. I think this could help the piece that much more. Keep it up.

Saro Orfali said...

Thanks Kelly, the reason why I didn't use any black is because when I go to print this it comes out dark, and I loose some of the forground elements. This is a rough so I'll try to see what I can do....any suggestions or comments from anybody would be appreciated......thanks.

Dela Longfish said...


I posted a smaller version of your piece with a little more contrast to pull the eye more toward the focus, the clock. The one I'd is a little dark itself, but I think it demostrates the point.

I like that you are dealing with lighting, just make sure your primary focus still reads clearly.
Remeber the eye is drawn to contrast.

One way to handle this might be having light entering through the celling above/behind the clock. Having it backlit will create a strong silhouette and starts building contrast between lights and darks.

I understand that you are painting to the print and being cautious of you blacks. It not so much about black, but creating that contrast through values.

If you are ever unsure, just shrink it down, or squint at it to see if your focus still reads.

Dela Longfish said...

With your color comps, I think you still paint those up more. Really focus on the colors, you are starting to do it with warm light in the cold space. Also keep in mind that the interior space has it's own color as well.

What you have here seems a little like a base colors on a multiply layer over your value drawing. If you do these again or in the future I want you to just paint with out multiply layer, it's okay to loose the detail of the drawing cause the focus is the color.

The ones that are staring to work are the one on the top left and the one under it.

Saro Orfali said...

Thanks a lot Dela, all these comments are very helpful. I see how letting the light enter from the back of the clock could help it bring it forward. I normally do my color keys with a multiply layer on top of a B&W value, but what you are saying makes sense and I'll try to do it like you said next time. Thanks so much for the example as well.