Thursday, March 8, 2007

JP: Rough Paints


These are the rough paints for the characters. I was wondering if you had any particular direction you are looking for with the paints. Would you like to see a more painterly style, a flatter color like I have here, or a combination of pencil and painterly style? I am interested in doing a combination and definately plusing them, but I just wanted to know what you were thinking.


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Dela Longfish said...

Looking good man. Overall I really like what you have done, I think all the revisions you've made are all working better. The Doctor is working great, I'm really digging his size and the multiple cameras.

As far as painting, the direction you are heading in already is fine. The paint with the line drawing is fine, eventually down the road it would be great to be able to have the painting stand on it's own without the drawing.