Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hey Dela,

I decided to rough out my environment in maya. Im planning on creating the environment, applying a simple texture, and then paint over it in photoshop as from some of the images you showed in class. I tend to have a problem with perspective and interiors, so i hope that this can help me. I put together a few of the ideas. The swirly staircase, the work stations, a hat stand (which is not complete) and also news paper articles / pictures/ important book pages on the wall. I plan to add some of the characters personality with whats on the workstations, such as voodoos, paint brushes, more books. and maybe the girl would leave her stuff all arround the seating area. I want to know if the room is too crowded? Am I going in the right direction? Is it appealing and does it grab your attention and make you want to see more. If not, i should go back to ideations. Any feedback would be great. Any fellow students have suggestions too would be great, since its break time and i dont get to go to school to talk to you guys.


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Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Hey hey Nigel

Everything looks really nice - I think for stair case - I'd model out a little more detail, like just putting in the stairs themselves because it will effect the lighting greatly in your final render. Other wise, it looks really cool!