Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kelly: Ideations

Hey there Dela! I just wanted say, first, thank you for staying after on Saturday to give us all feedback, it was very helpful. I have worked on two of the characters Chiyoko and Charles Brandon. With Chiyoko I tried what you suggested with combining some of the traditional Victorian Clothes with the Japanese. I defiantely think this makes it more interesting. I think I am leaning towards a japanese top with the victorian pants and shoes. I am having some difficulty trying to come up with a solution for my amputee (Charles Brandon) that is suffering from phantom limb. Any suggestions and feedback would be great. Thank you.

Saro's ideations

The upper two are new ideations,

Here are some the older ideations and some new ones. I did some head explorations for Armond who is the historian/clock-smith. He is the leader of the team and the oldest one of them all. He is very wise and has a strong heart. He mourns over his dead wife but he tends not to show his vulnerable side. He looks serious but he is very generous. Let me know what you think, otherwise I will have some in-house drawings soon, thanks.

JP: Madame Valentine & Felix In-House


This is the first in-house sketch for the character Dominique Valentine (Madame Valentine) the medium with the doll-head skirt and Felix Badeau the writer. I was wondering what level of finish you are looking for in the in-house stage. I feel tempted to tighten up, but I usually have to resist that urge to keep things fresh. I should have more characters up soon as well.

Jigme, Etienne, and Noemi

Hey Dela, thanks for the comments on the previous ideations I had done. Right now I'm trying to research actors that'll help me develop Bertrand like you said. Here are my first in-house drawings for Noemi, Etienne and Jigme. I kept in mind what you said about Jigme looking like he was from WWI on the thumbnails, so hopefully in this drawing he doesn't. I tried to put them both in some kind of action or movement pose, so Noemi is reading a spell while Jigme is reaching for one of the many vases he carries as Etienne tells him where the ghosts are. Any ideas or comments would be great, I'm also looking into putting some kind of victorian pattern into Noemi's long skirt because it seems too plain right now. I didn't shade these drawings in because it's easier for me to paint them in photoshop later if I have no shading, but if you'd like to see them shaded I can go ahead and do that. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jens: Ideation

I wanted to try and show more personality in the expressions and poses that hopefully describe more clearly who my team are. Cecile is patient and attentive to sound. Researching The developement of braille I found a school where Cecile could have learned to play violin.
Gustave the gravedigger is powerful, but also compassionate and reverent. The count is arrogant and greedy, while Chen is fearful but responsible for a family. Thanks

Reeser ~ New Explorations

Hey are a few more explorations of two of my characters. I want to move in a more stylized direction, and really push the shapes. With the ideations of Jang, I was still exploring costume and props (of which I like the right-most of the larger drawings), and I intend him to be more round and short than how you see him right now. I'm happy with the left-most drawing of Victoria, but am still fiddling with her costume (which effects her shape). Let me know what you think so far... --Lauren

Tony Bui!

Hey Dela and friends,

I been pushing out work and been combining different characters. Any advice would be most awesome.

I combined my idea of the leader and the samurai together. He only wears a samurai-inspired power glove that is used to carry a heavy staff. The staff attracts spirits so he can hunt them down.

This is the blind man. I gave him tatsoos under his eyes as scars from a ghost attack. His cane also becomes a gun to hunt down ghost.

This is a new character. She is an acrobat that tries to stay off the ground as much as possible. She talks to this crow that becomes her guardian angel when she turns on a mystical lamp that is attached to her body.

This is the guardian angel, a tengu creature. He is very tricky and only listens to the little girl. He is the scholar of the group and tells them information from reading information from his arm wraps. I like his big nose.

Thanks for reading.

Jaime's Ghost Hunter Ideations 3

Here are some ideations of all four of the characters I am trying to develop. I am still not sure if I should do them realistic or cartoony or somewhere inbetween. I am going to keep doing more ideations playing around with the overall designs and getting the personality of the characters come through better. I incorporated some of the things that you had suggested in class and feel it is working better. I am going to continue to push the designs. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

JP: More Ghosthunter Ideations


Here is a set of ideations I did for the writer character Felix Badeau. I tried to make the design more interesting and work in some asymmetry like we discussed in class. Hopefully these are more successful. I like a few of the sketches, but I would like to run them by you before I get too into them.


Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey Dela, I'm in the process of modifying Bertrand after you said he didn't really fit into the group, so here's what I have so far on him as well as his coffin that he carries. I did some ideations for Jigme and how he'll carry more than one vase/jar. There are some key ideas as well as an idea of Etienne's scarred face with the scarred hair line. If you got any comments that would be great, I'll keep doing these as well as starting on the inhouse for Noemi. Thanks!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

World Around Us 3

Here are some links to look at that deal with character design and/or the project we currently working on.

Janet: Ghost Hunters

These are ideations for the ghost hunter project. Most of them are explorations of how each member can contribute to the team and costumes studies of period clothing. I added notes for characters I plan to develop and add a backstory to.


Hey Dela

Thankyou so much for your feedback.

Here are my ideations from today.

Again, the story is about 4 ghosthunters that are trying to free the restless and revengeful souls that are wandering around Paris. They hunt ghosts because they have to, and consider this their destiny. The characters each posses a dark quality to them, they are both good and bad - they see themselves in the ghosts that they're looking for and in their plight to free the ghosts from their prison, they are freeing a part of themselves too.

I plan on elaborating on the snake-like Haitian/French Priestess, the Undead Prostitute that attracts moths and fireflies, the Asian Schlor who carries his dead wife's heart in his walking stick and the Warrior that makes Death Masks.

I'm currently working on how to pose the characters and will have some more ideations in a couple of days.

Thankyou, again.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jaime's Ghost Hunter Ideations 2

Jaime's Ghost Hunters Ideations

Here are my ideations for the Ghost Hunters set in Paris, France during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). I spent my time doing research on clothing, inventions, and the look during that time. It was difficult to decide on the given characteristics for each character. There are so many possibilities the characters can take as far as being leader, book keeper, blind, asian, etc. You can mix and match and come up with so many dynamics for a group. I have decided on one group mix for now but can change it later on. The bulk of my time was spent on researching, looking and drawing from fashion magazines and changing the shapes and forms and sizes of the characters. It was fun drawing, researching and gathering refrence. The personality of the characters didn't come to me right away but developed through the ideations process. I know the characters may change as I continue but this is what I have for now. Here is a quick synopsis of my characters: The Leader of the group goes by the name of Rick Nightengale. He is confident, smart, charismatic, and righteous to name a few. He feels that not all ghosts who are bad are necessarily evil but in need of help. He wants to get rid of pure evil ghosts and help out others free their wandering spirit to heaven. The sidekick is the young woman by the name of Francine Beaumont. She is strong willed and stubborn. She is hardworking and very skilled. She on the otherhand feels that all bad ghosts are evil and should be destroyed. The bookkeeper/inventor/scientist goes by the name of Prof. Nicholas Frost. He is old, open minded, knowledgable, funny, and can be serious when concentrating on new formulas or inventions. Together with the group he invents weapons to catch ghosts to destroy or contain for future research. He has also developed a communication device that can communicate with ghosts. The Ghost Viewer/Sensor goes by the name of Iva Nara (Girl) or Bao Sun (Boy). He or she is able to see/sense ghosts even though he/she is blind. He/She is the direct link to the spiritual world. He/She is afraid of ghosts but with the help and support of the group He/She continues to fight evil ghosts and rescue trapped or lost spirits. I am Open for any comments whether it be on pushing the design of the characters/props or storytelling. Thank you.