Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tony Bui!

Hey Dela and friends,

I been pushing out work and been combining different characters. Any advice would be most awesome.

I combined my idea of the leader and the samurai together. He only wears a samurai-inspired power glove that is used to carry a heavy staff. The staff attracts spirits so he can hunt them down.

This is the blind man. I gave him tatsoos under his eyes as scars from a ghost attack. His cane also becomes a gun to hunt down ghost.

This is a new character. She is an acrobat that tries to stay off the ground as much as possible. She talks to this crow that becomes her guardian angel when she turns on a mystical lamp that is attached to her body.

This is the guardian angel, a tengu creature. He is very tricky and only listens to the little girl. He is the scholar of the group and tells them information from reading information from his arm wraps. I like his big nose.

Thanks for reading.

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Dela Longfish said...

For your Samurai, the Samurai inspired industrail suit is working great. It really places it in the setting of the story as far as location and time. Go with that one for next class.

I think these directions for you blind man are working good overall, use what you have here mix and match if you want. The only thing I would stay away from is the cane shot gun.

For the little acrobat, I like the one in the lower right corner. I like her having a bird that is with her. I like the idea of her not wanting to be on the ground, maybe she could have made some stilts even to keep her off the ground. The one thing I'm not clear on is her being scared of ghosts when she has this huge guiardian angle with her. It feels more like the ghosts would be scared of the Guardian Angle. If you are giving her a Guarding Angle then that is still one character. Using the Tengu is a great direction, but feels out of place, it actually feels more like something they would hunt.

So if you get a chance create a new fourth character.