Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kelly: More Enormous Croc Ideations

Hey dela! Again, thank you for all your feedback it is very helpful. Here are more ideations of the enormous crocodile hole design. I have included the ones that I showed on Saturday just to refresh your memory of what I had done before. I tried playing with the curve of the tail to get a more interesting path. Along with bring such things like the elephant out from the back. Thanks

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Dela Longfish said...

I like what you've done on the second page, in the top left corner. I like how you have split the levels and the tail flows nicely accross one down to the other. The cube that the croc in on and the cylinder the elephant is on, make sure those create some intresting forms. I would go with that one. Also be sure to play up the setting with plants and trees, flora and fauna.