Wednesday, February 14, 2007

JP: Color Comps and Revised In-House

Dela--Here are some color comps I did while trying to find a palette that reflected the feeling of the Jekyll and Hyde story. I played with and overall palette as well as dual palettes that reflect the crazed and fractured personality of Jekyll. For the bottle colors, I used the three colors of the doctor's transformation potion from the story: red, violet, and green. I am also posting the simplified version of the comp based on the feedback you gave me.



Nigel Li said...

Hey jp,
I really enjoy all of your comps. They each have a different mood which is really good, though I do not see a clear transition from normal to insane. My favorite is the Left on the first row. @nd on the middle row. What if you took the color of the fluid in the bottle from the 2nd in the 3rd row and incoorporated that into the colors that are more dull. This will definitely help you establish a focal point, and tell the story. Im excited to see what you come up with next class. take care.


Dela Longfish said...

John Paul,
From what you have here, I would suggest going with far right one in the second row.
Nigel had mentioned pulling out the focal point, I would say the same thing. You can do this by bringing some colors into the book case and large bottle.