Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jaime's Ghost Hunters Ideations

Here are my ideations for the Ghost Hunters set in Paris, France during the Victorian Era (1837-1901). I spent my time doing research on clothing, inventions, and the look during that time. It was difficult to decide on the given characteristics for each character. There are so many possibilities the characters can take as far as being leader, book keeper, blind, asian, etc. You can mix and match and come up with so many dynamics for a group. I have decided on one group mix for now but can change it later on. The bulk of my time was spent on researching, looking and drawing from fashion magazines and changing the shapes and forms and sizes of the characters. It was fun drawing, researching and gathering refrence. The personality of the characters didn't come to me right away but developed through the ideations process. I know the characters may change as I continue but this is what I have for now. Here is a quick synopsis of my characters: The Leader of the group goes by the name of Rick Nightengale. He is confident, smart, charismatic, and righteous to name a few. He feels that not all ghosts who are bad are necessarily evil but in need of help. He wants to get rid of pure evil ghosts and help out others free their wandering spirit to heaven. The sidekick is the young woman by the name of Francine Beaumont. She is strong willed and stubborn. She is hardworking and very skilled. She on the otherhand feels that all bad ghosts are evil and should be destroyed. The bookkeeper/inventor/scientist goes by the name of Prof. Nicholas Frost. He is old, open minded, knowledgable, funny, and can be serious when concentrating on new formulas or inventions. Together with the group he invents weapons to catch ghosts to destroy or contain for future research. He has also developed a communication device that can communicate with ghosts. The Ghost Viewer/Sensor goes by the name of Iva Nara (Girl) or Bao Sun (Boy). He or she is able to see/sense ghosts even though he/she is blind. He/She is the direct link to the spiritual world. He/She is afraid of ghosts but with the help and support of the group He/She continues to fight evil ghosts and rescue trapped or lost spirits. I am Open for any comments whether it be on pushing the design of the characters/props or storytelling. Thank you.

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