Thursday, February 8, 2007

Nigel Li. More ideations.

Hey Dela, hope all is going well. Just wanted to thank you for taking a look at all the work we are posting even when you are busy at work. It definitely gives us a guide to what is working, what is not, and where to take it. I did some more ideations as you said, but combining the ideas seem create too much going on in one hole. I did a bunch and only came up with two that would work, incoorperating elements from earlier ideations. The frankenstein hole is combined with the slot machine built into his head. When you get it in his mouth, the slots go off giving you a chance to win a even bigger prize then a free game. Theres a screen at the side which displays surgery of frankenstein to further involve the player.

The clock tower again has lcd screens in the windows, showing different ghosts and monsters. The graves along the course will once again display a picture of the player to mimic the players own grave. After you hit it into the hole, you actually have to go into the haunted house to exit. I also took a look at the movies you suggested, and decided to take palettes from certain scenes to create some mood in these drawings.

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Saro Orfali said...

I really like the top drawing, and the mood works for me, Nice ideations Nigel.