Sunday, February 25, 2007

Janet: Ghost Hunters

These are ideations for the ghost hunter project. Most of them are explorations of how each member can contribute to the team and costumes studies of period clothing. I added notes for characters I plan to develop and add a backstory to.


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Dela Longfish said...


This looks like a good start, I don't recall seeing these on Saturday. If you missed class you might want to get together with someone. We spoke about character design, I showed some examples of my work.

Some of the ideas you have the general and the magician are cool, I also like the character with the scrolls and the tombstone. You seem to have a good start on the period fashion. Aside from period fashion think about what else these characters could be wearing to help them catch ghosts. Do they carry unique props do catch spirits. This way you can combine real ref and your imagination.

For your magician, maybe he uses magic from all over the world, a combination of eastern and western in influence. The movie "The Prestige" is a good movie to look at for magic and Victorian period.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.