Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hey Dela

Thankyou so much for your feedback.

Here are my ideations from today.

Again, the story is about 4 ghosthunters that are trying to free the restless and revengeful souls that are wandering around Paris. They hunt ghosts because they have to, and consider this their destiny. The characters each posses a dark quality to them, they are both good and bad - they see themselves in the ghosts that they're looking for and in their plight to free the ghosts from their prison, they are freeing a part of themselves too.

I plan on elaborating on the snake-like Haitian/French Priestess, the Undead Prostitute that attracts moths and fireflies, the Asian Schlor who carries his dead wife's heart in his walking stick and the Warrior that makes Death Masks.

I'm currently working on how to pose the characters and will have some more ideations in a couple of days.

Thankyou, again.

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