Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Erin middendorf

Hi everyone. I've got a few new ideations since Saturday. They're very simple sketches.. I was trying to think of other icons of Chinese New Year, like the lucky cat, the laughing Buddha, Chinese temples, etc. I am having a hard time thinking of an 18th hole that has a very complex path, because all of the 18th holes I've been to have been straight paths, but still very difficult to make (usually becamse of a ramp or something. the hole requires very careful aiming). I feel like my ideas are very weak though. I would love some suggestions on how to come up with better ideas. And I know that I need to settle on an idea quick so that I'll have in-house drawings to show on Friday/Saturday! Thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

Nigel just talked with me and gave me some great ideas involving Chinese New Year. Apparently my ideations don't have a lot to do with the celebration of Chinese New Year. So, thanks Nigel!

Tony Bui said...

Hey Erin. Maybe these links will help you:

Good luck!

Dela Longfish said...

Erin, for your theme we had spoke about it being china in general, so I would like to see you go down that path, it will open up what you can pull from.
Having the straight path can and needs to be pushed. Remeber like I mentioned in class, this needs to be approched as though you were and Imagineer, this is for a themed Vegas stlye resort. As concept and idea people it is up to us to take something and make it exciting, and new, to take in a direction people never thought it could go.

Dela Longfish said...

From here. I need to see a lot more drawings than these six here. I want you to exploe it as China and lot limit yourself to Chinese New Year yet. I liked how on Saturday you included the Koi pond in your drawing, maybe continue exploring that as an element along with China in general.