Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Treehouse Ideations

Here are some ideations for the treehouse-golfcourse. Am I going in the right direction? Do these read clearly? I'm having a little trouble focusing on one hole. --Lauren


Dela Longfish said...

Lauren, you are moving in the rigth direction. I really like that you are taking advantage of the verticle aspects of the trees as a path of action, and incorporating that into the piece. Using the rope netting is a nice idea and lets you get some material change into the piece. I think there is still room to explore, does the path follow huge branches or can the ball travel accross vines. I like the feel of the ideation you have with the Swiss falg on the second to last page. Instead of resting on the brances, I would like to see how it would look if the structures were coming through the top of the tree. Use the volumes of the trees tops to support your course.

Dela Longfish said...

Where I would like you to go from here for today (Wednseday) is continue to explore ideations using the trees as part of the course. For this stage I would like to see you work top down three quarters view. Also be sure to keep these drawings relatively small, a little bigger than thumbnail size.