Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ariel Alvarez Casino Golf ideations

Hey Dela,

here are some of the ideas I'm starting to narrow down to right now. Sorry about last week, I was sick and I'm trying to catch up. Any ideas or comments from you would be great, I tried to put some reference to make the sketches a little clearer. I'm going for lots of lights and sounds from the casino machines, to get the full casino "experience".

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Dela Longfish said...

Ariel, you have some great work here. The casino theme offers a lot to pull from, and I think you're really taking advantage of that. You have a lot of aspects working for you. The pushing of the scale is great, the dice and chips. I also loved that you are using the roulett wheel not only as a visual, but also a moving obstacle in a few of these. Even the golf ball painted as a dice works great. Thank you for including some of your ref, I'm going to have everyone bring in their ref for class. For the next step I would like to see a few more ideation drawings. The ones I think are working now are the ones where you create a intresting path of action. I also like the asymmetry you are geting in some of them based on the surrounding elements. That starts to make your piece a little more visually dynamic. The one on the bottom page, on the left I feel can be brought to an InHouse. I would also like to see you do one with the roulett wheel in it.