Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey Dela, I'm in the process of modifying Bertrand after you said he didn't really fit into the group, so here's what I have so far on him as well as his coffin that he carries. I did some ideations for Jigme and how he'll carry more than one vase/jar. There are some key ideas as well as an idea of Etienne's scarred face with the scarred hair line. If you got any comments that would be great, I'll keep doing these as well as starting on the inhouse for Noemi. Thanks!

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Dela Longfish said...

I like what you have going on with the coffin, it really expands on your idea of it from class. It looks like like one thing, based on peoples expectations, but in essence it is something else. That connects it to your story and characters.

Jigme is looking good, go with the one you feel is the strongest. On Jigme see if you can incorporate some 2d design with your character. It could be a embroidered design on his shirt or on the vases. I like the silhouette you have, just make sure he doesn't feel like he's from WWI.

Bertrand is starting to feel better, I like the one in the lower right corner of the page. With this character I want you to pick an actual actor to mirror him after, and let me know how that goes.