Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lauren Reeser ~ Ideations

Hi Dela ~ Here are some ideations I've done for three of the characters. The lady I intend to be a high society widow who has a lot of money and even more time. She is obsessed with contacting her dead husband's spirit, and has the funds and the time to do it. She is the "leader" and patron of the group. The second set of ideations are for the asian man. This character is retained by the aristocrat lady, and tries to blend in to his victorian surroundings by wearing suit jackets and fashionable hats, but still retains some of his asian flair. He is often cold, so wears heavy clothing. The third set is for a blind little girl who is clairvoyant, but also very afraid of the ghosts and spirits she can sense. Formerly poor, but now under the wing of the patron, she still prefers her old clothes (little dresses are not her thing), or mixes and matches the old and new. Let me know what you think about these sketches :-) Thanks!

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