Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nigel: In house 2nd pass.

Hey Dela,

I did a few more rough ideations, but had no luck with arranging the elements in the lab to set the mood. Then I went to rent the Frankenstein movie, and decided that this specific course would follow the story of the actual movie. This helped alot, and I ended up with a piece that I really like. The begining of the course resembles the reconstruction of the monster by Dr. Frankenstein. He collected body parts from grave yards and sewed them together in his lab. The climax of the course is actually the hole where franenstein wakes. And the background is the ending where the Frankenstein's monster burns down with the lab.

I incoorperated alot from the comments you left me, putting props that use to be on side as actual part of the course. Having a much more interesting path of action, more story telling elements, I took out the stairs to have it less inviting. I agree that the slots where out of place, so I took those out as well.

Should I go ahead and do some color comps? Are anythings standing out that I should change? Any advice or comments would be great.


Dela Longfish said...

I really like how far you've come with this piece, from the first week to now has been a huge evolution and it's great to see.
I like how you are using story telling elements like the grave yard. Same with the lab in the background. I think you are ready for to start putting some paint on this.

Check the prespective on the small bridge obstacle on the path, it feels like it is hitting another horizion line than the other objects. And make sure we can see the golf hole in his tongue, so this still feels like a mini golf course hole.

Nigel Li said...

Thanks dela,

color comps to be coming soon.