Friday, February 9, 2007

JP: Another In-House


Here is another piece based on a different ideation. I wanted this piece to differ from the formal layout of the garden piece, and I was trying to play with some atmospheric effects like steam. I wanted more interaction the golf course and the mechanical elements, so for this hole I wanted the lights on the course to flicker when the steam surges. At the same time, the hole is part of a large pressure gauge with the needle surging back and forth in synch with the steam elements and lights. The needle will block the hole. When the ball goes in, Hyde in the vat will turn into Jekyll, either with projection or animatronics, but both using some sort of cloudy water technique to mask the change. I plan to have one more drawing done by Saturday, so there should be more variety to discuss.

Again, any comments would be awesome.


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Dela Longfish said...

I like where this one is headed, as I said in class. I feel the new one you started has captured a great feel, I'm looking forward to seeing it painted up.