Wednesday, February 21, 2007

JP: Ghosthunter Ideations


Here are the first four pages of ideations for the Paris ghosthunters. I tried to explore a lot of different ideas and get some attitude into the sketches. I plan on picking a few of these, unifying their story and ideating more pages based on that. Any pointers or suggestions you have would be much appreciated.


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Dela Longfish said...

Looks great so far.You have a huge range of ideas that are working here. I think you have elements and ideas that are visually strong and that also work well in the context of this assignment, the biker is a good example.
I like that you are exploring different shapes and sizes that will really pay off when we see the team side by side. Keep in mind asymmerty within the design, I think that can really help push these to the next level.

Some of the ones I really dig are the camera, the doll heads, writer, puppeteer, the bike, fortune teller, umbrellas, the smoker.
Like with the first assignment pick the ones you feel are your best and drop some color one them.

Overall you have some great ideas here.