Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jigme, Etienne, and Noemi

Hey Dela, thanks for the comments on the previous ideations I had done. Right now I'm trying to research actors that'll help me develop Bertrand like you said. Here are my first in-house drawings for Noemi, Etienne and Jigme. I kept in mind what you said about Jigme looking like he was from WWI on the thumbnails, so hopefully in this drawing he doesn't. I tried to put them both in some kind of action or movement pose, so Noemi is reading a spell while Jigme is reaching for one of the many vases he carries as Etienne tells him where the ghosts are. Any ideas or comments would be great, I'm also looking into putting some kind of victorian pattern into Noemi's long skirt because it seems too plain right now. I didn't shade these drawings in because it's easier for me to paint them in photoshop later if I have no shading, but if you'd like to see them shaded I can go ahead and do that. Thanks!

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