Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nigel: Ghost Hunters Ideations

Hey Dela,
Here are some of my ideas. I plan on brainstorming some more ideas as to how to catch the ghost, or why they are capturing the ghost. I have tons of fashion reference, and i would really like to start incoorporating some of how they catch the ghosts with their clothing. Any suggestions would be great. If there is any idea that strikes you as interesting, has potential, which ones to trash would be great too. Thanks!

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Dela Longfish said...

I'm really liking the ideas you have here. Like you had mentioned, your next step is now to combine the reference and research with your imagination and story. Think of it like this you have done your ref gathering and now have actual outfits you can find in clothing or antique stores that's very important. But to push the imagination/concept part (which I have no doubt you can do)and add all the elements that don't exist that they use to capture spirits.

Some of your ideas that stand out to me are the painter, accupuncturist, voodoo dolls, stitched mouth, steam powered holy water, and the one with mirrors.

I can see the painter painting characters on the ground, and that he also has characters of various sizes painted all over his Victorian clothes for protection. For that character think does he carry one or multiple ones of different sizes based on the job? Does he carry buckets of paints or pouches on pigments?

In general think about asymmetry in your designs, it is something I have been mentioning to the rest of the class.

I really like your thinking.