Wednesday, February 28, 2007

JP: Madame Valentine & Felix In-House


This is the first in-house sketch for the character Dominique Valentine (Madame Valentine) the medium with the doll-head skirt and Felix Badeau the writer. I was wondering what level of finish you are looking for in the in-house stage. I feel tempted to tighten up, but I usually have to resist that urge to keep things fresh. I should have more characters up soon as well.

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Dela Longfish said...

Looking good. Madame Valentine is looking great. If you want to bring this to more of a finish that's fine know that you've alraedy hit this point.

For Felix I like where he is heading, if it's not to much trouble see what he looks like with an open coat still keeping his silhouette, if that makes sence. Make sure the pose is working with balance and weight, if you need to snap a photo of yourself in that pose do that.

Even though I am making these conments I really like what you've done, so keep it up man.