Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jens: Ghosthunter Ideations

In exploring a variety of paths I tried to expand on the ones I felt had more promise. I still plan on coming up with more ideas, and hopefully more resolved characters based on what I have here. Any suggestions would be great.

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Dela Longfish said...

You have some great ideas here. The ones I'm drawn to are the grave digger, the headstone powder, violin, chimes, dried roses, compass. Some of these good ideas I think you can combine together, I can see the grave digger carrying the headstone dust and even the dead roses. I can see the character with the violin being the blind one, and she uses the violiin not only to sooth spirits, but also use that to hear where spirits are the way bats use sound to see. I like that you are starting to break the silhouettes a little and create asymmetry.

I would still like to see if you can come up with any other directions and push shapes and sizes more, just to see where you can take these designs.

I'm looking forward to seeing your work on Saturday.