Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Erin Middendorf - continuing exploration

I've thought and drawn out some more explorations for the Chinese themed golf hole. I included one of my presentations from last Friday for comparison. I think worked on a color comp. The layout is not final, but I have included the elements that I'm very sure I want in the final layout: fu dogs, stairs, the gate, the tree, a palace tower, some fake Chinese-art style mountains, a waterfall, and a pond surrounding the tree. I think I should make the enclosure a lot bigger so that I can include more elements like smaller trees or maybe some other palaces.

I'd love some thoughts or suggestions!


Nigel Li said...

hey erin,
it would be nice if you expanded the path arround the hole. The area under teh tree seems a little cramped. If it was a little bigger, then you could include a delicate design of a chinese garden. Maybe think about the outside construction of the temples, espiecally the stairs. I love the lanterns and the giant peaches the monkey is reaching for. What if some of the peaches fell to the floor and acted as obstacles, and the monkey is reaching down for it like in one of your ideation sketches. Oh, and maybe the whole platform can be floating on water. Theres a famous seafood resturant in Hong Kong that floats on water, and you can choose yoru own fish too cook. Just thought i would give you some more ideas, since i really like where you are taking this theme. Good luck!

Erin Middendorf said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Nigel! I'll go ahead and draw them out. :)

Dela Longfish said...

I think Nigel made some good points, I agree with most of them. This piece does feel a little cramped. I would suggest removing the temple, it feels a little forced in the piece. I think if you remove it, that will open up the area for the tree.