Wednesday, February 7, 2007

the most working new ideas

The top one probably requires a bit too much story explanation for it to work. The basic plot is that the heroic hunter, Actaeon, stumbled upon Artemis while she was bathing in the forest with her Nymphs. Enraged, she turns him into a stag which causes him to be ripped appart by his own hunting dogs. So the Idea was that if you make the ball past the obstacles, and you make into the right path, the ball will get sucked into the tree up and out down a tree branch and not too coincidentally stops right in front of Artemis' outstretched bow. The arrow shaft knocks the ball towards the peeping Actaeon, who in a misterious purple myst, transforns into the stag.

The second one I still feel real blah about. Disreguard it.

The last is definitely my favorite. The only thing that may be unclear is that the flying Pegasus goes across above the player's head from Herme's temple to Athena's. I'm thinking I could probably also push the scale of the medusa head to make it more monumental.

I'm gonna keep on thumbnailing out ideas, but I'm thinking that last one has the best shot for in-house turnaround. Do you agree?


Leo Braz said...

Pardon, I forgot to put my name on the title. This was my first REAL blog post. I'll try to remember it next time!

Dela Longfish said...

Leo, I think this is an alright start. I need to see more ideations drawings. I really feel you have great subject, I'd love to see what you can really do with it. An overall feel I get from this is that it is the whole course not one hole. What I would like to see you do is take Medusa and design a hole with her as the focus. I would also like to see obstacles in the course, see what you can do with the snakes. Incorporate some of the architecture, see what happens.