Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jens: Ideation

I wanted to try and show more personality in the expressions and poses that hopefully describe more clearly who my team are. Cecile is patient and attentive to sound. Researching The developement of braille I found a school where Cecile could have learned to play violin.
Gustave the gravedigger is powerful, but also compassionate and reverent. The count is arrogant and greedy, while Chen is fearful but responsible for a family. Thanks

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Dela Longfish said...


I think you are definitley getting more personality.

With Gustave you are really hitting the balance between powerful and compassionate in your poses and a few of the head drawings (the top one on the far right). It also looks like you have some nice new ideations of him that are working. He really feels like a grave digger who is has a big heart. Otherwise go with the one you like.

The head studies for Count are aslo feeling arrogant and greedy, now show me the rest of him.

Cecile is good I liked where she was on Saturday, are you planing using the brail in her design? Chen looks like he is also on the right path.

Looks good get going on the In House.