Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Kelly: More Roald Dahl Golf ideations

Hey Dela! Here are some more ideations for the miniature golf course hole. I tried addressing some of the things that you brought up in class on Saturday such as pushing the elements of the size of the peach and the crocodile. I also tried to simplify the holes that I had on Saturday and focus on one main element. Any feedback and comments are greatly appreciated, till then I will keep working on more ideations. Thanks.


Tony Bui said...

I like your cloud idea. It is very heavenly.

Dela Longfish said...

Kelly, looks good! I really like what you have done by adding the city under the peach. This is one I would like to see brought to InHouse. I would still like to see you push this, to get somethig that is just really visually stunning. Maybe the birds resemble a large bouquet bursting from the peach, and maybe the steps leading up to the peach are parts of the buildings themselves. I would like you to think about where you play from, is it the top or the bottom, are the character from the story poping out of the top of the peach? It's up to you.

For the crocodile one (top right corner), I still feel the scale needs to be pushed. I know you had a tilting mechanic in mind for him, but I would like you get free of that for a couple explorations and just push the scale til' you feel it's to big. Is he so big that his tail wraps around the second part of the course, or do you play part of the hole accross his back?

Lastly it looks like you have one using furniture as obstalces, I like that. I would like to see if you could add any more story elements to that one.

Dela Longfish said...

I really like what you've done and where this feels it can go. Where I would like to see you go from here is for the rest of the day explore more ideations based on the previous comments. Then tomorrow begin work on the In House starting with the peach course, and going from there.