Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Revisions and a new piece

Here are some revisions and another piece I did for the project. Comments and feedback much appreciated!


Lauren Reeser said...

Hey Ian- looks good, and I like your idea :-). Watch the perspective on the last piece you posted... --L

Dela Longfish said...

Ian, this piece is starting to show some promise. This still has a lot of what we spoke about in class, it feels like you took the elements from Saturday and placed them within the same contect of this hole. Now that you have this piece at a decent level I want you to make another one. For this new one I want you to push the elements of your theme. Keep in mind this is for a Vegas style resort, so I want to see you really push the ideas and take advantage of scale. Do some more ideations. For this next only put a character in for scale. If you got any questions get in touch with me.