Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saro's revised in-house

Hey Dela, Here is my revision on the in-house drawing based on your comments in class. I have added some pillars in the front falling on each other, this way you have to go through them. I also added a scorpion on those pillars extending its pincers as an obstacle, also the broken pieces from the pillars are obstacles as well. I switched the Pharaoh from my other drawing because it looks more monumental and made it bigger. I've included some snakes at the end of the hole as you suggested in class to hint that there will be a cobra coming out of the rocks. Thanks Dela for your help and suggestions.


Dela Longfish said...

I really like how far this piece has come. I think the choices you made in combining elements, works great. Be sure to watch your perspective. Make sure all you vanishing points a hitting the horizion line, and watch the elipses as well.
I would say get painting as soon as you can.

Saro Orfali said...

Thanks Dela for the comment. I will go ahead and fix the perspective.