Monday, April 30, 2007


Any comments would be great. still trying to figure out a palette that works, and experimenting with painter...

oh yes, and the flyer for the BFA gallery show is done as well.

shadow play

Experimented with some little frog ideations..
I want my story to be about a shadow play performer who uses only his hands to create beautiful silhouettes. He rides a giant frog that holds a shadow play theatre on its back. They rest at docks to perform enchanting plays for people. They can also rest in the middle of bodies of water, and perform for sailors.

here are some in house drawings my performer, his theatre, and his beast of burden.. crits and comments welcome!!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lauren's Characters

Hey Dela. I was sorry to hear about your loss. I'm posting some Flash-style drawings and expression/gesture sketches of my characters (the camel and the puppet master). I did these in this vector style because I thought it could work as a good base for creating enrique's style (an underpainting of sorts). I like them just as vector drawings, too :-). I am working on a sketch with all the elements (the cart, camel, puppet master, and that nasty goat), which I will post soon. I hope you approve of these! --Lauren

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kelly: InHouse

Hey Dela! Here are my in house drawings.One the Twins I'm not sure if I am happy with it or not. I can't pin point it so any suggestions on what you think I could push more please let me know. On the Cart I took what you said and made sure that the door could be seen clearly since it is a main story element. On the elephant I was trying to push the shapes more and making her a bit quirky. I am still debating whether I like the small ears vs. larger ones.Any comments and suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Shadow Puppet: In House

Hi Dela,
Here are my explorations for the week. I haven't settled on the look of the character or cart and still think that the designs in the beast, character, and cart can be pushed even further. I have just been exploring and trying to push the shapes. I am having fun with the design process right now and don't want to settle just yet. I like the design of the rhino but I still think it can be pushed overall like in the head designs I worked on. I am still going to do some designs on the komodo dragon and see where that takes me. I haven't decided on which cart or character to develop further and I am still going to continue exploring those designs as well. Any suggestions would be great from all. Thanks

Beast Of Burden

hey dela,

here are some ideations for the beast of burden along with a more developed version of what I'd like him to look like. Any comments would be great, I would like to go for more of a skinny animal than a big buff one.

Janet: Puppeteer Project

Hi Dela,
Here is my development work for this week. The props and characters are designed to be fun and kid-friendly. I went for a youthful, lanky, puppeteer to have a character who can easily empathize with children and tried to incorporate what we discussed in class. Any comments to help improve these would be great.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Saro: Camel & Cart in-house

Here is a quick value study of the cart.

Here is my camel in-house, I tried to push the shapes on him as much as I can. Let me know if this is working well, any comments are appreciated. Thanks

JP: Puppeteer Ox In House

Here is the in-house drawing for the two headed ox. I tried to push the design, and I wanted to get some personality into each of the heads. All suggestions welcome!


pants variations

Hey guys,

im having alot of trouble deciding which pants variation to go with. Maybe i can take a quick vote from you guys. thanks!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Saturday's Class

We won't be having class this weekend. I'll be in Michigan attending services for my Grandmother, she passed away last week.

I would suggest showing up and critiquing each others work, I think you are all at a level to give professional feedback. Please post your
InHouses on the blog so I can see them.


rough character in house.

hey guys,

just refined my character a little. let me know what you think. I want to see if it is visually appealing, and where you think i could push it more. Does it look to be in the style? thanks.


Demon Puppet

Hey Dela.

After walking into Nino's class and talking to Gary, I thought elaborating on Nino's project would give me a nice piece to show EA, since they are less whimsicle in their style of games. I just wanted to show them something different from everything in my profolio so I whipped this out real quick. Some how when i was drawing him, I could not get the shadow puppet idea out of my head, and he turned out to actually be a puppet. I know its not a part of our class, so maybe you could give a just a few comments on it when you have time (after others with class related work). thanks


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

JP: Puppeteer Ideations


Here are some more ideations based on the comments you gave in class. I tried to push the shape of the oxen in a more Enrique way, and I explored some new ideas on the multi-armed puppeteer. It seems the bell idea has been done on the ox, so I will come up with something else. The yoke should be a pretty good element to break up the shape too. I still sort of like the old puppeteer, so I put that in there for contrast with the new ones. I also like the dwarf. Please let me know what ideas resonate with you, what's working, and any other suggestions you might have.



I just wanted to wish everyone who has an interview coming up the best!

I know the first interview can get anyone a little nervous ( I know I was), but you all have been creating some very strong work both in the approach and story telling as well as the visual astetics. Please feel free to list me as a reference, just let me know if you do. If for some reason you have any last minute questions, please feel free to email me or give me a call.

shadow puppet characters: in house

Hey Dela,

here are some more refined character ideations.

This is the character I choose. im not sure which version of the face looks better. He has brass rings everywhere to make sound effects. collects garbage as a cheap way to make the puppets. wears a mask on the back of his head and plays the drum as he enters the city he is going to perform in.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kelly: Cart Ideations

Hi Dela! I did more cart ideation based off the feedback you gave me in class on Saturday it was very helpful. I really tried pushing the shapes more. I think I am leaning towards the first one in the top row maybe combining elements from a couple of others that I like. If anyone has any comments or suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

Saro: Shadow Puppet ideations

here are my ideations on the shadow puppet master that I've spoken about to you in the e mail, I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback before I go into in-house level. Thanks Dela.
Hi guys,
Unfortunately I couldn't make it to class this Saturday, so if anybody could give me some feedback on these, that would be very helpful, thank you.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Student Work.

Some of you may have seen this. If you haven't take a look at what students over seas are getting into. The style is great as well as the action and storyboarding that went into it. I think animation over here will lean more in this direction in a few years. It's HOT!

Nigel, Lauren, Kelly, Tony, Amie, Sarita be sure to take a look.


For tomorrow's class be sure to bring in supplies to work with! Spread the word to anyone that might not read this.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bui: Final Animatic

Final pass. What do you guys think?

And is the music annoying?

And thanks for that Sigg Jones link, Dela. I want to move to France and work for them, now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rufus maquette.

Jeff gave me some great feedback. Im thinking of leaving the sculpting alone, and maybe painting it in photoshop to see how that process goes.

Jack and the beanstalk revisions:

Hey Dela,

Hope all is well. I revised some of the suggestions you guys gave me for the giant. I think over all, his ideas were working, but i needed to widen his shoulders more, and have a little more interest within the patterns os grass and dirt on him. I hope this conveys the idea. I used a variation of mixed medium for this one, since it was something that jeff really pushed on saturday. I will refine jack once i get more time. Thanks.

Ok, final design for Jack is in too. The branch is to foreshadow that he is going to take something from the giant. The cowbell, and rope to tie the pants also help with more story telling. Thanks for the quick sketch of his costume. It really gave me a shape i liked, and developed further. His sleeves and his hair also resemble a beanstalk, but in a much more subtle way. Any feed back would be great. Thanks!

Monday, April 16, 2007

JP: Sculpt Turnaround

Hey Dela,

Here are some photos of my maquette. Jeff gave a really great crit on Saturday. He talked about clarifying the forms into shapes that will read at large and small scale and considering how the forms fit into eachother and "work" in terms of how they would be made in something like Maya or even as a costume. He said I captured the mood of the concept drawing, but I could design the shapes better. He also said that I should probably set this aside and think of it as my first sculpt, but to move on soon to new, better sculptures using the comments from Saturday.

It was an inspiring class, and in the end I enjoyed the project, doll heads and all. I am sure you and Jeff will probably have similar crits, but if you have any other comments, please let me know.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Tonys Animatic

Hey Dela,

I was looking forward to see you this Saturday so I could show you how far I have gotten along with my story.

I haven't finished the ending yet...the reason Theodore and Felix look up is because since they killed the monk, they have accidentally unleashed the monster that was trapped inside his body. The monster is a tall dude... I am still designing the actual demon. Any crits would be great.

But since you aren't coming in, I will post it here. I just wanted to say thanks for all the crits so far. I know I have been frustrating you...but trust me, I been frustrating myself even more. So thanks for allowing me to explore these characters. And thanks for the inspiration from this project, it will be a great peice for my reel.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Saturday's Class

Along with your maquettes be sure to also bring in you drawings of the character you did, the concept piece and the drawings for the maquette.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Super Star

For this weeks class we will be having a guest teacher, the man who taught me a lot of what I know, Jeff Sangalli. As many of you know Jeff has an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge in this field, from live action feature films, to animated features, video games, and everything in between. For myself, I am still daily learning from him.

Jeff will be coming in to teach as well as giving crits on your sculpts and giving you the next assignment. Unfortunately I have to be out of town to attend to some family business, so if you get a chance to post your sculpts on the blog I would love to see how they have come out.

Please show him the same respect and professionalism you have always shown me.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

jack & the beanstalk

Hey dela,

I had some time to elaborate more on the jack and the bean stalk idea we were working on in class.

For jack, I really wanted him to be tall and lanky. I want him to resemble a bean stalk like shape, so when he climbs up it would really be fun for the animator as he swings arround and fits into different cracks within the plant. Almost as if he was made for the beanstalk. His hair also resembles a leaf, and similar to ariels in little mermaid, its a big shape in the front - so when ever we see him from an angle, it automatically creates asymetry. I am having some difficulty with his costuming and some proportions, so help on that, or anything else would be great.

For the giant, since he steals, I tried different ways hat he could disguise himself. For my final solution, i thought he could lay down and become a part of the landscape as he sneaks up on his targets. the head could silohuette as the moon, arms and legs as trees, and his body as grass. He also has fences and bridges that he has stolen before on his body to help his disguise. Any help would be great.

If any other classmats have comments or suggestions, that would be great too. Thanks!

OH yes, and color is something i cant decide on. Do you have any other artist to recommend for inspiration or color palette?