Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Nigel: maquette

Hey Dela.

I plan to do this pose for rufus. Eventually, I want to put mimi with him in a small environment and have another moment piece. nothing fancy, just a shelf and some books on the ground. But for now, im going to focus on rufus and really get into detail. Please let me know if this pose will work, and i will start bending the armature wire.


Dela Longfish said...


I really like this character.

Be sure you work out the volumes in his lower half, what's behind the appron. Keep your stlye just make sure your volumes are there.

I like the pose, keep it. In the face make sure he's not feeling like a mad scientist.

On another note, I saw you had some work on Acme. A lot of what they were saying made sense, but might not have been that clear, especially without art to back it up. If you have any questions on that eamil me or call me.

Nigel Li said...

Thanks dela. I will fix those proportions of the pose, and start on the armature wire today.

And thanks for looking at the stuff on acme. it's wierd how some comments contradict with each other. One of the main problems is that they really want to know its 2d vs. 3d. I guess im kind of stuck inbetween right now because the characters are simple shapes, but have alot of detail. I should have emphasized more that it was a concept.