Tuesday, April 24, 2007

JP: Puppeteer Ideations


Here are some more ideations based on the comments you gave in class. I tried to push the shape of the oxen in a more Enrique way, and I explored some new ideas on the multi-armed puppeteer. It seems the bell idea has been done on the ox, so I will come up with something else. The yoke should be a pretty good element to break up the shape too. I still sort of like the old puppeteer, so I put that in there for contrast with the new ones. I also like the dwarf. Please let me know what ideas resonate with you, what's working, and any other suggestions you might have.



Martin Kau said...

Hey JP,
Since I know you can take it, i'm just gonna be straight forward. The Multiple armed character on your far left is dangerously close to the idea from Spirited away for the steam room spider man. Maybe instead his arms are of various length, and maybe one grows out of the other's forearm. I had a teacher once and she had a finger growing out of her other finger, we used to call her 4 finger fuler... we were mean kids. maybe he has two regular arms so he can appear normal while hiding the other arms. Maybe ones stubby, one lanky, on is missing some fingers, another has a hand too small for it. This will allow you to push his tools even more too, cause one arm will need a special tool to compinsate for the other, and so on.
The ox heads are to similar. One big one small, good quick fix, I notice you tried by breaking the horns, good idea, needs to be pushed more. Maybe one head is scarred more because the other beats on him, and maybe it's the guy with the broken horn that beats on him cause his horn is shorter and since it is broken at the end it's sharper, and that allows him to cut the crap outta the other guy. The heads in the end just need to be more distinctly different. Awesome stuff though man. I like the ideas, I would not have been able to say all this so quickly, hence why so blunt, if i didn't have a good launching board. Thanks for sharing. best of luck

Dela Longfish said...


For the Ox I like the idea of using the yoke, not only does allow for a variety of great visual shapes it also sells the Ox as an animal that will be pulling something heavy.

For the puppeteer right now the one from last class, on the far right, is working the best for me. I like the other designs but this one reads more 'puppeteer' to me. If you want show that line up to some friends and ask them which one is the puppeteer, see what they pick.

I can see what Martin is saying about the arms. It doesn't say Spirited away that strong to me but that is always a concern. I would suggest putting some tracing paper over your drawing and playing with the arms to see what they look like, just a fast way to see how they turn out. The one thing I would keep an eye on is that if you go with various arm sizes and lenghts, make sure it doesn't look grotesk.

John-Paul Balmet said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I totally forgot about Spirited Away, and now that you mention it, I totally can see that. I think I can come up with a similar idea that is still unique. It will just take some more thought. I will show some people the designs who aren't associated with the project and see what they gravitate towards. I also think I could do a better treatment on the ox heads.

Again, thanks so much for the feedback. I know you guys are busy!

Nigel Li said...

Hey jp,

what we talked about in class about the different sizes and contrast of smart and dumb ox should really help you push the shapes of the heads. i love the drawing you came up with. to add to that, maybe the smaller smarter ox can have a heavy load to pull on his side, and the dumber bigger one pulls something really small, because they dont want to give him more responsibilty. Maybe even different size wheels on the wagon to compensate the size difference between the 2 sides of the ox. just food for thought. im looking foward to seeing it.

alex said...

Hey JP

Alex the kite guy from Dublin here can you get in touch with me? Either via email alexcl1977@yahoo.com or uk mobile 07870482254.

Hope this gets to you...