Wednesday, April 25, 2007

rough character in house.

hey guys,

just refined my character a little. let me know what you think. I want to see if it is visually appealing, and where you think i could push it more. Does it look to be in the style? thanks.



jehan said...

wow this is really beautiful nigel..
i think the only thing i see that's funny, and i may be biased after seeing your previous one.. is that as i scan down the character with my eyes, they stop very abruptly at the feet.. i'm not sure why this is or if anyone else sees it.. maybe the character just feels like his head suggests a taller character, or at least one with longer legs?

Dela Longfish said...


I like the choices you made with this piece, even how you simplified the designs on his costume. I think you have a lot working here.

Knock back the black shadow to about a 20% grey and slide it to the right so it's under the mass of the character.

Jehan made a suggestion about the legs, I would suggest playing with their size a little. Don't feel like you need to make them long or tall, but see what happens if you play with them. In the end make sure it is something you like.
I would do that with tracing paper right over your drawing, quick and clear.

jehan said...

looking over the character again, and reading dela's note about the shadow.. i think that the abrupt stop near the feet was caused by that dark shadow.. maybe it's too much of a focal?

in that case i think the leg length may be fine afterall! =)

Nigel Li said...

haha, thanks alot guys. i will mess with those a little and have those posted.