Monday, April 23, 2007

Saro: Shadow Puppet ideations

here are my ideations on the shadow puppet master that I've spoken about to you in the e mail, I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback before I go into in-house level. Thanks Dela.
Hi guys,
Unfortunately I couldn't make it to class this Saturday, so if anybody could give me some feedback on these, that would be very helpful, thank you.


KellyLevers said...

Hey Saro!
Nice work here! I would say overall you could still push the shapes more. I think this was something everyone was having difficulties with. I think, in my opinion, the ones that are interesting are the ones that you use the y-axis or when you pushed the shapes. I think ones you decide on your puppet master are then you could add more story elements to it. I luv your camels! They have so much personality. Anyways I hope this helps.

Saro Orfali said...

Thanks Kelly for the comment. You're right,I need to push the shapes more. Also I need to ideat more on the puppet master, I think I could improve the story telling on that like you said. Thanks for the help Kelly.

Dela Longfish said...


As always a good start. I Kelly made some great points about the story telling and further shape development. Everything you have questions on are the same things the class on a whole had questions about.

This assignment is advanced in what it is asking for. Pushing a 2d style can be very deceptive in your general thinking, especially if you're used to drawing in a real or hyper realistic way. It can seem 'cartoony' or 'for kids', but the same sophistication and process go into to it that you use in your other drawings.

Dela Longfish said...


so first off follow the same process that we have been using in class. Even though the approach is different stylistically you don't want to sacrifice the storytelling and thinking that you have.

For your storytelling it is not about cramming all of it in there in elaborate detail, but thinking about how it can be told in at a base level that is clear to people who see it. Basically a simple read, and by simple I mean that it is very clear and direct and readable/recognizable/iconic.

For shape development use the artist as a reference, but also feel free to bring in other stylized aspects that work for you. In a lot of his characters notice how he pushes the contrasts between different body masses and volumes. Dorothy has a large shape/mass for her head using her hair, followed by a small neck, short torso, then long dress, complimented by some very small and delicate hands and feet.

When pushing these shapes it is not just for the sake of pushing them, cause' then you'll end up with wishy-washy forms. Look at what he did with the Lion, took a key feature the mane and pushed it. Think of the same with your animals what are the key features of an elephant, trunk, ears, and tusks, is there anything there for you to push?

I posted a quick sketch of a bull to demonstrate that. I took the horns and pushed them, and played with the ears. Another things was putting a bell around his neck, so in the basic sense you know that someone owns this bull.

Dela Longfish said...

Where to go,

Having said all that, I think you have some ideations here that are working. I like a bunch of the heads you have. Some of your camels look great. Fifth page, top middle is looking great. I think a majority of your carts are working well, I high lighted the ones I feel are the strongest.

I would suggest take one of those carts and develope it as your inhouse, if you feel you need to do more variations on any of those feel free if not start the inhouse. For you animal if there is one you are leaning towards go with that, try a little more shape development based on it's features. For your character I would like to see more directions, right now they all feel like the same guy in the same outfit, just with shape variations. I like the variations you have in the heads try to carry that into the body as well.

If you have an other questions, or what I've written isn't clear shoot me an email with you number and I can give you a call if you want.

Saro Orfali said...

Thank you Dela so much for these great comments. The drawing of the bull is awesome and definitely helps a lot. I also like the camel that you pointed out, as well as the carts, so I think I'm ready to go to in-house with those but I need toideat on the puppet master.
Everything you said makes sense, thank you Dela.