Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lauren's Characters

Hey Dela. I was sorry to hear about your loss. I'm posting some Flash-style drawings and expression/gesture sketches of my characters (the camel and the puppet master). I did these in this vector style because I thought it could work as a good base for creating enrique's style (an underpainting of sorts). I like them just as vector drawings, too :-). I am working on a sketch with all the elements (the cart, camel, puppet master, and that nasty goat), which I will post soon. I hope you approve of these! --Lauren

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Dela Longfish said...


These look great.

If you have time I would also recommend finishing the camel and goat drawing you did in the upper right hand corner. I think that is a great piece visually, you also captured a lot of personality. I would suggest working right over that drawing put the puppeteer right on the back of the Camel, but don't give him a saddle or rug have him sitting on the camels humps. The reason I say that is you've created a beautiful shape with your camel and I think it should be shown in the piece.

Over all this is a really strong set, good job.