Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Demon Puppet

Hey Dela.

After walking into Nino's class and talking to Gary, I thought elaborating on Nino's project would give me a nice piece to show EA, since they are less whimsicle in their style of games. I just wanted to show them something different from everything in my profolio so I whipped this out real quick. Some how when i was drawing him, I could not get the shadow puppet idea out of my head, and he turned out to actually be a puppet. I know its not a part of our class, so maybe you could give a just a few comments on it when you have time (after others with class related work). thanks


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Dela Longfish said...


Man, I an always inpressed with the amount of non stop work you produce. I glad you did this for the interview I think and hope it will help you. It's always great to be able to show your range as an artist. I like the incorporation on the puppeteer theme, nice touch.

Right away the hands need some work, just get a photo of yourself in this pose or watch some King Kong ref to nail how the fingers read in this pose.

Even thought the rider is not defined as a character, go in there and define his silhouette. Can he read as an evil character in his shape.

On his forearms, cut into the shape of the wrapped material in a few places just to make shape more dynamic.