Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spaldo Maquette Pose

Hey Dela, I decided to go with my Russian toymaker. I think there is more opportunity for some nice broad shapes like in the shape and size of his body. If you have any suggestions let me know, I took some time to get his backpack drawn, which has side pockets for paper scrolls that he puts inside his music box. If you have tips on how to handle the lanterns, let me know. Thanks!


Dela Longfish said...

Looks good, I like how you are handling the volumes, this is a great character.

I'm not sure about the lanterns. I know you will need a wire running up to hold them. Ask Cameron if you should have the wire going through the lantern as well or make them seperate then attache them.

If you can bring these drawsing to Cameron's demo.

Amie Chan said...

Hi Dela,

Thanks for the little diagram of the wire frame in my character. I will bring these drawings to Cameron's class today and see what suggestions he has. I will started right away.