Monday, April 2, 2007

Kelly's Maquette

Hi Dela! First thanks for the break this Saturday. I would like to do Alexandrea as my maquette. I would like to change her pose to that of the quick thumbnail I have because I felt that the pose that I have her in now wouldn’t be all that interesting. Instead, what I was thinking if you couldn’t tell is having her reach for a butterfly that is above one of the ponds that I have in my headquarters. She would still be holding onto her doll. With the pond I would like to have some of the plant life that I had in my inhouse such as the ivy and lily pads. I was thinking that yes, she is afraid of ghosts, but when she sees them as butterflies she isn’t and is more intrigued and fascinated with them.

Also I am doing Willoughby Fitzwilliam in the maquette class that is why I didn’t choose him for this project. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Dela Longfish said...

Looks good, I really like the pose in your thumbnail. It feels more dynamic and also revealing for the design work you put into her.

If you have more than one scultp done in two weeks I'd to see them both.

Anyways, get started.

Amie Chan said...

Hey Kelly,
I noticed your thumbnail of the little girl reaching for the buttefly. I just wanted to say i think that little sketch is Gorgeous! i can' wait to see it sculpted.