Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kelly: InHouse

Hey Dela! Here are my in house drawings.One the Twins I'm not sure if I am happy with it or not. I can't pin point it so any suggestions on what you think I could push more please let me know. On the Cart I took what you said and made sure that the door could be seen clearly since it is a main story element. On the elephant I was trying to push the shapes more and making her a bit quirky. I am still debating whether I like the small ears vs. larger ones.Any comments and suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Dela Longfish said...


Nice set I like what you have going. You made some really nice choices with your character, the shape of the faces, and I really like the small stilts you have on your shorter character to make him reach the other character.

If you have time I would suggest playing stragihts against some of your curves it my help push the design. Another thing you may want ot try that will make this more dynamic, is creating some variation between the masses of the body. This is a contrast between the shapes on a body. Look at Edna Mode from the incredibles. We can talk about it in class tomorrow.

The elephant is nice, it reminds me of Dumbo's mother. I like the small ears!