Tuesday, April 24, 2007

shadow puppet characters: in house

Hey Dela,

here are some more refined character ideations.

This is the character I choose. im not sure which version of the face looks better. He has brass rings everywhere to make sound effects. collects garbage as a cheap way to make the puppets. wears a mask on the back of his head and plays the drum as he enters the city he is going to perform in.


Saro Orfali said...

Nigel, I really like the drawing that you showed me earlier today. I think your shapes were more pushed which gave the character more personality. I think you can use some of your story elements from the drawing that you posted to your other character that you showed me. Plus, he was so much more appealing that this guy. Its up to you though. Great stuff man!!

Nigel Li said...

i definitely agree with you saro. now that i step back a little and look at it. I fell in love with the fiirst shapei liked, and i definitely could be pushed more. i'll try a few different combos and run it by you, which which ones you like. great animal studies too. i think you have inspired me to go with a camel for my animal design.

Dela Longfish said...


I would suggest getting rid of the mask, because it gets lost. I know we spoke about it on Saturday but I think your piece is holding up strong without it.

Sounds like you have some changes in mind so I'll leave a comment on you latest one.