Monday, April 2, 2007

Maquette Character

hey Dela,

I chose to do Bertrand because of his big size and the coffin that he carries. The pose I want to do is pretty straight forward, I want to be able to show as much of both the character and coffin as possible. Tell me if there's a need to tighten these drawings up, I kept them rough since I figure we'd be working from our earlier finished drawings for detail. The drawings match up as far as scale goes, I traced them. Tell me if there's anything you feel should be changed or improved, and thanks for giving us Saturday off!


Dela Longfish said...


I really like what you have done. Awesome use of props, the canaster and the coffin.

The one thing I would suggest is showing him in a pose that feels like he is really leaning on the coffin. I think that not only adds gesture but will help nail your character.

Another thing I think would make this a great scultp is if the coffin was facing away from the character. Since it is such a great prop it will help hold visual intrest in the sculpt even when you're not looking at it from the front.

Otherwise get started, if you can bring these drawing to Camerons class. Any questions let me know.

Ariel Alvarez said...

thanks for the comment and specially the sketch! I'll get to work on some side/front/back drawings again.