Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jack and the beanstalk revisions:

Hey Dela,

Hope all is well. I revised some of the suggestions you guys gave me for the giant. I think over all, his ideas were working, but i needed to widen his shoulders more, and have a little more interest within the patterns os grass and dirt on him. I hope this conveys the idea. I used a variation of mixed medium for this one, since it was something that jeff really pushed on saturday. I will refine jack once i get more time. Thanks.

Ok, final design for Jack is in too. The branch is to foreshadow that he is going to take something from the giant. The cowbell, and rope to tie the pants also help with more story telling. Thanks for the quick sketch of his costume. It really gave me a shape i liked, and developed further. His sleeves and his hair also resemble a beanstalk, but in a much more subtle way. Any feed back would be great. Thanks!


John-Paul Balmet said...

Your Jack is looking really interesting. I like the asymmetrical elements you put in there.

The giant has a moon shaped head/beard that is weird to me for some reason. If you intended that, then nevermind, but it doesn't seem to fit with the feel of the rest of the character. Those are just my two cents. I think you are making nice progress man. Hopefully you will be around on Thursday. I would love to swap ideas with you on the current project.


Dela Longfish said...
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Dela Longfish said...


I'm glad you are still working on this concept.

I think these drawings are working a lot better. They feel like they gotten more thought put into them. Jack's stick with the cow bell is nice and really plants him in the context of the story with out screaming it. I think what JP mentioned was right on point.

Just like any assignment, I would reccomend using the process we,ve been working with. Just really put it through that brain storming/ideation process. This started out with two hours in class, imagine if you had a week to explore all the possible directions.

I like the mixed medium also.