Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bui: Final Animatic

Final pass. What do you guys think?

And is the music annoying?

And thanks for that Sigg Jones link, Dela. I want to move to France and work for them, now.

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Dela Longfish said...


Run what I say by Tim to see if has thoughts.

Over all it is looking good I could see you doing omething like Sigg Jones especially with your stlye, just make sure your foundation skills in boarding and story telling are as strong as you want them.


For the opening (in the drawing) (1)I would start with the wide shot through the court yard. (2)And then come in with the shots. (3) to his face looking back. (4) Then pick up with what you got.

Another thing that jumps out to me is the run accross the bridge from left to right. I doesn't have the same depth as your other drawings, the way the shot is set up feels a little out of place. The action is fine see if you can set it up differently.

Later on when you have a similar shot, where they are standing looking at each other, I feel it works better because it establishes that scene/action. You can even look at Sigg Jones and how they handle the same "stand off" shot.

That's what jumps out to me. Like I suggested take the Sigg Jones and board it out to see how they handled their action in the fight secens.

Otherwise have a good weekend and just check in with me before class next week.