Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hey Dela,

Thanks for the feedback. I started on these in-house drawings before you left me the comments. But I will take all your advice and redesign all of them.

For the blind gentleman, I will take out the shotgun cane. As for the story telling element, he has a tattoo under his eyes from a ghost attack. For his cloak, he collects the spirits and it becomes a part of the design.

For the leader, I don't like how I designed his arm. I am going to go for a more home-made look. Also, the staff will have a more unified look with the character.

So this is my third character. The acrobat girl who is scared to walk on the ground and talks to a crow (that becomes a tengu when her lantern is turned on). The tengu is suppose to be a spirit that likes to play tricks on people. I imagined him as only having respect for the little girl and she gets to ride on him because she is so scared to walk on the ground.

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Dela Longfish said...

These are looking good,
I like what you've done with the cane, you made it work so don't change it. The inside of the cloak is a great touch.

The leader is looking good, don't feel you have to redesign him based on my pervious comments, he's looking good. The girl and the Tengu are working fine.

Come up with a fourth character.

These three are working cool. Don't feel you have to redesign them on what I wrote previously. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner with feed back.