Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jumping the Gun

I been looking over everyones character designs, for the most part they are all moving in a good direction. I really like the thinking and time put into these, one thing that I'm noticing is that some of the poses are off balance or not working.

Keep in mind, work general to specific. It is very easy to get drawn into the detail of a piece at the very begining, but by focusing on the small deatils we loose the overall big picture. It can also cause one to stiffen up their drawing.

From here on out I want everyoney to start by drawing out the base pose for your character with only the volumes and pose. From there look at your base drawing, and using your trainging in animation and figure drawing, see if the weight and balance are working as well as your porportions, volumes, and gesture. When that's working then bring the detail in, your ref, facial emotions, so you are building on a strong base.

The class has amazing potential, I just don't anyone looking at your work to call you on something I know you already know how to do.

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