Monday, March 5, 2007

Reeser ~ In House (3)

Hi Dela~

Here are inhouse drawings for three of the characters. I got some good advice on how to improve Victoria, on transmission, and plan to make those changes before the final, but I wanted to let you know where I am in development right now. Any suggestions or comments would be great. Thanks for looking at my work :-) --Lauren


Nigel Li said...

hey lauren,

I really like how you pushed the shapes of the characters by using the costumes. They each hold a very distinct silohuette, and make sure to keep that in mind for the fourth character. )i have no doubt you will). I think the bow tie on the asian guy is a nice touch, didnt really notice it until i took a second look.

Though i do think the stick for the asian guys looks like he just picked it up from the street and started using it. The stuff tied onto the stick does not seem really believable. Not sure if the string will just stay on, but it would be better if maybe he made a hole in the stick to to fit the string through. Maybe its a well designed walking stick he found. maybe its made of jade if he was rich. Also, a good chance to throw some 2d pattern on the other guys pants to add more visual interest. just some suggestions. hope it helps.

Lauren Reeser said...

Thanks, Nigel. I agree with the stick idea. I wanted it to be a simple wooden staff, but I see what you mean about the string being threaded through somehow. Thanks a lot! --Lauren