Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Reeser ~ In House and Lineup

Hey Dela -

Here is the sketch of my last character "Magde." She is wearing the ghost-seeing goggles Bahram and Jang create for her, and carrying her doll (a sock-monkey), and a cane she uses to feel through the world. I thought that the bottom of her coat could be dirty, and jagged from wear, but also from being crudley cut (maybe by her), so it wouldn't drag the ground. I wanted to give her fairly nice shoes, and stockings, to show that Victoria has dressed her nicely, though she still wears the ratty coat over her nice clothes.

Also, I put up a lineup to show size and shape comparisons. Any comments and suggestions would be awesome. Thanks! -Lauren

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Dela Longfish said...

The teams looking good, I really like the direction you took them in. Any of these would look great as a sculpt.

Madge is looking great. I love the bells hanging off the vest on the fourth character, nice touch.

I like how you are exploring shape with these characters. I am going to try to bring in some examples on other characters that have been done, where the shapes are really pushed.

If you have the time I would love to see a Victorian style hat on your fourth character. For a couple reasons. It will continue to add/compliment the great silhouette you already have. It would also create a great visual contrast against the rest of his costume. While doing that, it will also tie it nicely back into the context of the story.

If you've already started painting, just paint it on another layer in photoshop and show me both on saturday.

Nigel made some good points earlier. Over all I'm really happy with the team. Keep rockin'.